Effective Copywriting Solutions For The Manufacturing Industry


A business’s success is based on several critically fundamental principals that lend to it’s overall development, ongoing performance, and steady growth. The many mechanisms involved therein are genuinely effective at creating a sound product, as well as generating a strong and long lasting customer base. 

Here at Al Jones Freelance, we understand the importance of scrupulously delivering the type of copywriting that will effectively add to those very principles and mechanisms your business has been founded upon.

Backed by 22 years in the manufacturing industry with companies such as Bacardi Rum of Canada, Labatt Breweries of Canada, Pepsi Bottling, and Fuji Photo Distribution, we understand that your marketing efforts are absolutely critical to your business’s consistent development and ongoing success. By combining the many persuasive selling secrets of copywriting, along with a strong understanding of the mechanical and engineering principles involved … here at Al Jones Freelance, we guarantee that your documents will clearly and professionally reflect the type of quality product and services your business has to offers. 


  The Two Fundamental Building Blocks Of Effective Copy


Essentially, writing effective copy to help sell your products or services should be an easy and painless process. After all, this isn’t rocket science. All you need is to attract attention, successfully convince your prospects that you have the best possible solution to their personal or professional problem, and then instruct them on the easiest way they can go about getting it. Sounds simple enough right?   

Yet, communicating that type of message to your market is much more difficult than it may seem at first. Unless you understand the underlying principles of selling, the copy is apt to fail in producing satisfactory results right from the get-go. In most cases it will probably sound just like any other advertising piece being presented to a broad spectrum of consumers.  

Producing effective copy that successfully sells involves two very fundamental building blocks. The first one being; knowing how to write to a distinct audience that may one day need your products or services. And the next is; having knowledge and a deep understanding of those products or services being introduced to your target audience.


Highly Critical And Professional


We understand that the professionals involved within the manufacturing industry are highly critical and intelligent individuals who are consistently looking to improve departmental productivity, while seeking out the most efficient and affordable means of achieving their objectives. 

By systematically injecting your documents with effective copywriting principles that directly addresses your potential prospect’s needs and concerns, your campaigns stand a far greater chance of increased consumer interest in your products or services by clearly offering the best possible solutions to the industry’s ongoing problems. 

Effective, reliable and prompt. We offer copywriting services that distinctly fit the needs of your market by focusing on not just the distinguishing features of your products or services, but the hidden yet compelling benefits they also provide to your market.

While it is absolutely essential to your business’s success to inject effective lead-generation copy into your marketing efforts, those efforts should be minimized by selecting a copywriter that understands both your needs, and those of your market. My services offer:

  • an in-depth mechanical and engineering understanding of the manufacturing industry.

  • an in-depth understanding of the people involved in the industry.   

  • fundamental and effective copywriting principles.

  • strong technical writing skills. 

  • consistent and open communication with clients during assignments.

  • Prompt, professional, and affordable service.   

Allow us to create the type of copywriting that will generate effective and powerful results to your business’s marketing campaigns. Simply go to the contact page and call or e-mail us to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.