Is That A Template For Songwriting I See In The Accelerated Program For Six-Figure Copywriting?


The Great Atlantic And An Old Black Takamine 

I recall, at the young inquisitive age of 12. My family and I had gone on vacation to my grand parent’s place. It was located on the North-eastern shores of the Great Atlantic in New Brunswick, Canada.

It was there, for the first time … I had picked up, and played a guitar.

One of my uncles – who had long since moved away – left behind his glossy black acoustic Takamine. Although having never received any prior tutelage – had over the course of a few hours – worked-out a four note blues rhythm that I’ve since modified and play to this day.

Fast Forward Thirty-Four Years

 Now, having played all those years … I’ve strummed, picked, bent, pulled, hammered on, and vibrated, my nickel wound Ernie Balls.  Over the course of those fun-filled years, I have taken my electric guitars to jam sessions with friends and strangers, strummed my stuff around numerous camp fires, and even played with a basement band called Bonehead. I was the one that came up with the name. Although the band was split on using it, the yays outweighed the nays, therefore Bonehead stuck.

I’ve also taught myself to sing with my acoustic guitar. I have a list of cover tunes that I’ve learned, just to play along in the evening jam sessions at the local pub. And, in what may be the most heart breaking moment of my musical journey, occurred when I was about twenty-four years old.

I had blamed my involvement with music, for the very difficult circumstances I was experiencing in my personal life. And through an emotional outburst, proceeded to take my frustrations out on a helpless little classical guitar that I had received as a gift from a dear friend.

Not one of my finest moments. But out of that chaos came humility, growth, and a new name for our band. Hence, Bonehead!

A String Of Strange Little Coincidences 

However, as all things must come to an end, my guitar swinging days are over. And like so many other musicians, my love for music has become my favorite hobby. And therefore had to keep my stinkin’ day job.

And as far as day jobs go, if you’ve ever seen the movie “The Matrix” … that’ll give you a pretty good idea where I stand on that. 

Over the course of many years, I had begun to feel more and more imprisoned by an invisible cage called the “clock”. The unnaturalness of the daily-grind was wearing me thin. Somehow, having to get-up really early every morning and car myself through bumper-to-bumper traffic had been taking its toll. The endless monotony of day-to-day factory work and increased physical demands were prompting me to take action, and make some big changes.

I wanted to get out of the rat-race, so i had to start thinking outside the box. I needed a more fulfilling and rewarding career as I move into the latter years of my life. So after finally having had enough … i decided to set-out to discover my illusive dream job. And fortunately for my unwavering determination, I have, through a string of strange little coincidences discovered freelance copywriting, through AWAI.

And since that initial discovery almost six months ago – still hold, that I have found my calling. Because the idea of living The Writers Life as a freelance copywriter was exactly what I’d been looking for.

I can get-up, and go to bed when I want, avoid traffic, and work from home, and “I” can dictate to the clock about what and where, I want to do at whatever given time. 

And as I’ve already mentioned … that through a string of strange little coincidences, have found, and signed-up for the Accelerated Program to Six-Figure Copywriting.

Although I was skeptical at first, I signed-up anyway. But now I’m confident as ever that AWAI is everything they say they are. And although I have yet to submit my first Direct-Response Letter for review, I’m also confident that I too, will start living The Writer’s Life one day soon.

Which now brings me to share an amazing discovery that I’ve made while working through some of the latter installments of AWAI’s Accelerated Program.

An Interesting Parallel 

Having many years of experience with music, I just happened upon something really fantastic about AWAI’s Six-Figure Program. And that is the amazing parallel between Direct-Response copywriting, and songwriting.

Unfortunately, to go into the details of how they do parallel would take far too long in this article. So I’ll just hit on some of the key notes that are basic and fundamental.

So if you’re ready, here we go …

First of all … “Know Thy Prospect”. Think about who you’re going to sing to, or about?

Next is … “Core Emotions”. Are you going to sing a love song, or the blues?

Then it gets really interesting.

Because as you’ll discover in the Accelerated Program For Six-Figure Copywriting, is that the core structure and intent of a direct-response letter, is identical to that of songwriting.

For example…

When the Beatles wrote this song, they started with their…


             Song Title/Headline ~ I Want To Hold Your Hand

1st Verse/Lead ~ I’ll tell you something I think you’ll understand

                Chorus/Promise ~ I want to hold your hand

          2nd Verse/Big Picture ~ You’ll let me be your man

      Bridge/USP ~ And when I touch you I feel happy inside

2nd Verse/Enforce Promise ~ You got that something I think you’ll understand

Last Verse/Final Push ~ It’s such a feeling that my love I can’t hide

           Final Bridge/Close ~ I want to hold your hand


So you see? The parallels are amazing. And how many screaming young girls you figure ran to buy their albums.

Now that’s what I call, “direct-response”.

Of course, just like when you build your proposal letter or song, some components within can be altered and shuffled around.

Another Interesting Observation 

But here is another interesting observation that I’ve made. And that is, that while practicing the exercises taught in the Accelerate Program … you not only learn amazing copywriting secrets and wonderful writing skills … you simultaneously develop your song writing abilities. Because they both seem to go hand in hand(pun intended). Don’t you think so too?

So now at this point, not only do I fully intend to continue to develop my copywriting skills and experience The Writers Life … I have some new songwriting secrets to explore as well.

Furthermore, I’m totally grateful to have discovered Michael Masterson and the AWAI family. And I guess it goes true to say that … “you get what you wish for”. Only, I didn’t know it would turn out this good!

P.S. Happy Songwriting.