When I first discovered the fascinating world of freelance copywriting, I knew right then and there that this was what I was going to do for the rest of my life. After all, the convenience of working from home while choosing my own work schedule is probably the most appealing aspects of becoming a full-fledged freelance copywriter.

Well .. that and writing of course.

And since my initial discovery of this amazing craft a few years ago, i’ve also realized that there is a lot more to writing copy than I originally thought.

Becoming a copywriter is more than just wanting to write for the sake of writing. It’s much more than that. Copywriting is an art form. A writer’s words are comparable to the spectrum of colors on the painter’s palette. For is it not the word that paints the images upon the canvas of the human mind?

Whatever the project a copywriter works on, when his or her pitch is ready to put to print, there is or should be an underlying intent that that the copy will need to fulfill.

Now whether that intent is to instruct the consumer to click the “Buy Now”! button, or to inform them of an amazing new product that will solve all their problems via White Papers, a Direct-Response letter through a mailing list, or telling subscribers to “Order Today” while supplies last… or even an E-mail campaign designed to generate more leads … these days, the multi-facetted purposes of the copywriter comes in many ways, shapes, and forms.

I mention direct-response copywriting. To me, this is probably one of the purest forms of direct solicitation. This kind of copy is solely intended to generate an immediate response from the consumer.

It’s a carefully crafted body of content designed to instigate a reaction. It’ll have an attention-grabbing headline that will grab the reader’s attention. And as the prospect reads-on, he is taken by a compelling lead and a body that ultiamatly leads him or her to eventually take action. Why? Because it relates to his or her “own personal experiences” as a human being.

Because you see, a good copywriter does his homework. He thoroughly studies and investigates his prospect. So much so, that the savvy writer already knows what the prospect’s needs are. Having grabbed and sustained the prospect’s attention long enough – cunningly interjects with the promise to satisfy the prospect’s immediate needs. Whatever those may be.

Now, some would go as far a saying that writing for the direct-response market is a form of hypnotic persuasion that takes advantage of the unsuspecting consumer. The kind of copy that sometimes make people spend their money on things that they would have never otherwise bought. A kind of impulse buying if you will. This is the reason why advertising has developed such a bad rap.

But on the other hand, there are those that defend certain copywriting practices on the pretence that people need products and services and will always need products or services. I suppose this is true to a point.

Never the less. I feel advertising and copywriting should only be used in fair practices. With the sole intention of offering a product or service that will in fact benefit the consumer, and improve on their lives or businesses.

I’m not trying to trash copywriting or advertising here. I’d be bitting my own hand off if I did. I do agree that they definitely have their places in our free thinking world. And these means of selling are more than likely to be around for a very long time.

Sure, there will more than likely always have those crafty individuals that will try to sell garbage to my grandmother with highly persuasive copy. Or create hype over a product that would have otherwise never received any kind of attention at all.

Whatever the case …

To me, becoming a freelance copywriter is like having a voice crying in the wilderness.

I can 

  • inform the market of the benefits that a services can offer
  • educate customers on different lines of products
  • promote a new product or service
  • generate leads for a sales force
  • introduce a new system that can improve productivity
  • influence the consumer into choosing a product or service over the competition’s with a brilliant Unique Selling Proposal
  • sway traffic to improve conversion rates
  • sell ideas to new prospects
  • and even convince prospects that your company is the best at what it offers.

This to me, is what good copywriting is intended to do. It should introduce a product or service in a detailed and concise manner that directly describes what it does, and how it can best benefit the consumer.

It should speak directly to his needs, and convince him that not only will he be getting a quality product or service, but that it will also eliminate all of these problems. It should also say, that not only will he be getting a quality product or service, but that their demands and expectations will be met in a prompt professional manner, with a full money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied. And most importantly, it should say to the consumer that their business is appreciated, and their success is what matters most.

So to this end, I will write copy.

  •  to proficiently introduces a client’s products or services to the market.
  • to apply a sincere practice
  • to present the most accurate and pertinent information available
  • and to consider both the aims of my clients, and the needs of the consumer.