A Small Fraction 

Contained within the vast scope of careers, trades, businesses, and jobs that exist at humanity’s disposal, there will always be within the large population of individuals, a very small fraction that will excel beyond all the rest.

The world sometimes changes so fast that what was effective yesterday could be ineffective today. New methods and ideas are constantly required to keep the system moving forward. Innovation is what fuels economies and makes the world go round. And whoever holds the patents on the latest technology rules supreme over the rest.

It’s no wonder that it’s the people with the brains that rake-in all the dough. I once read somewhere that for the most part, people are worth $10 an hour from the neck down. That is, unless you’re a pro athlete, a corperate head, or a top-notch copywriter.

To me, this meant that from the neck-up, a person’s brain power is worth it’s weight in gold. In other words … what you know can make you very rich and powerful.

The Cream Of The Crop Always Rises To The Top

Which brings me back to the small few that rise to the top like the cream of the crop.

It’s true that there are those few that have incredible minds. You can put these people into almost any field. They quickly grasp concepts, and almost immediately begin to apply them. They subsequently surpass the majority of their colleagues, and get the more responsible and higher paying positions.

But they’re not the ones i’m talking about.

No. The ones i’m talking about are the few that rise a little higher. The ones that revolutionize old concepts and create new ones. The ones that move economies and culture. Those are the individuals that i’m talking about.

These people quickly filter through the endless numbers of automatons that dwell at the bottom of the pyramid. They edge through the upper layers of would-be contenders and skyrocket themselves to the top-paying positions. In their later years, they retire whenever they choose to. But these people never end-up retiring anyway.

So what is it exactly that these people have that set them apart from the rest?

Unlocking The Blueprint Code

It is my belief that every single human being that has ever existed, is born with a purpose. Inside of each and every one of us exists a code in our DNA. Within that code is a blueprint of our mission. It’s the reason we’re here, and what we are to do, while we are here.

This is why i think that the very few rise to the top off their game. It is why fewer succeed, and so many fail. Or fail to ever move at all. Why some hit a certain plateau and can’t rise anymore. Why some work so hard to make it to the top, only to fall back down.

It is because they’re not doing what it is that they’re supposed to be doing. They haven’t yet decoded their blueprint.

When individuals are not living in harmony with their life purpose, they find life to be very taxing and a burden. They may have a strong spirit, but over the course of time they realize that they can’t continue living the lie. And therefore are forced to face the grim reality that they’re just slaves, and incapable of changing their circumstances.

But when people have unlocked their codes, they begin to gravitate toward their path and realigned themselves with their life purpose. As they progressively merge with their true paths, their inner light begins to burn brighter. This raises their level of consciousness(sense of awareness) as they begin to awaken. The individual begins to perceive the world differently, and has the sense to realize that nothing is what it first seemed to be.

As these individuals struggles to recalibrate their positions, they begin to realize that they are not comfortable doing what they are currently doing in life. Therefore they begin to lose more and more interest in their present career paths. So much so that they are fed-up, and begins to seek their true paths. They begin to question his inner-selves, to the point that they activate the universal law of attraction. The law that has been given to us 2000 years ago.

2000 Year Old Knowledge

“Ask; and it shall be added onto you”. Seek; and the way shall be made known to you”. “Knock; and the door shall be opened”.

They are those highly conscious individuals that live in complete harmony with their life purpose. For those, life is more of a pleasure ride through the physical plane. They have found, and thrive in their chosen field. Their financial problems are none existent. They enjoy good health and leisure time. They have a good family life, and are of the dedicated and disciplined professional classes.

But still, just beyond the threshold of those professional individuals are the ones that are the exception to the rule. That seem to go a little bit farther than everyone else and position themselves as movers and shakers. They seem to have a greater view of the landscape if you will, and introduce new concepts to a starving world.

These individuals are usually isolated due to long hours of work, study, and mediation. Along side of their chosen field, they study hidden esoteric knowledge. Their subjects of study include Metaphysics, Gnosticism, Alchemy, Philosophy, Spirituality, and Self Improvement. Their aim is enlightenment, and they seek to overcome their lower selves by conquering all their fears.

The Metaphysical Experience

 By constantly overcoming adversity… their energy fields raise and expand their consciousness. This expansion allows them to elevate thenselves, and their fields of study.

This is a way of life for these few individuals. Their scope of daily activity is all focused on self-improvement. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance , and service to ohters is their life-long practice. Their inner dialog and emotions are constantly kept in-check.

Whatever the knowledge, personal drive, or inspiration by which these very few individuals rise to become the world’s movers and shakers … revealed to them was the blueprint to their life purposes. It was in their DNA that the code had been written … “Onto you, it is bestowed this gift”.