I read an article the other day in which it stated that the reason why a lot of ads today are ineffective, is simply because most advertisers “don’t know a damned thing about what makes people buy.” They like to be “cutesy and clever” – to win awards for creativity to boost their egos while in turn waste thousands of dollars of their client’s money.

Much like fashion shows, many ads are paraded around the media like the tall lanky models strutting up and down the catwalk displaying outrageous and flamboyant outfits that no one in their right minds would ever dare buy … let alone wear.

But these extravagant and highly expensive displays persist only to feed the egos of the rich and vain. Every year, astonomical amounts of money is wasted on these ostentatious demonstrations by big-wigs to serve only as a statement that their effeminate designers wants to make about his or her collection. It is then up to the audience to try to understand what the designer is trying to say by the way the collection is being presented.

Perhaps the goal of these “cutesy and clever” ads are a way of displaying the creative prowess of an advertising agency just like the skinny-boned knobby-kneed young women exhibiting extravagant and kaleidoscopic outfits as they gallantly traipse up and down the catwalk. 

 It is sufficient to say, that there are millions upon millions of dollars flushed down the proverbial toilet by corporations in the efforts to generate profits from their ads. On top of that – every year – studies and surveys are conduced in order to understand what makes the consumers whip-out their wallets and fork-over their hard-earned cash.

Perhaps these corporations have unlimited funds to pay for these highfalutin(excessive flaunting) advertisements because they exclusively cater to the rich and famous. But for the less inclined companies and businesses; the name of the game is “spend less” and “make more”. This is justifiable because the competition is after all very fierce.

Now-a-days, there are so many brand-names to choose from that the one displaying the most effective ad wins the upper-hand, and rakes-in all the big bucks.

But this is easier said than done. A large majority of the copywriters that write-up these ads, seem to have become disconnected from the market and consumers abroad. It seems that as the economy continues to falter, the average person’s attitude toward spending is increasingly changing, making it more difficult for copywriters to convince these same people to spend their money.

But there is a new wave of copywriters emerging. Copywriters that are more in tune with the needs and concerns of an increasingly conservative and economically weary population. A population that has been sold everything, including the kitchen sink.

The solution to this disconnect isn’t really that complicated. Because when you get right down to it, what the people want is to be treated with respect and appreciation. And when the competition is heavy and relentless, the best ads are the ones that address the people as such. When advertisements speak directly to the individual’s wants and needs on a personal level, they will be more inclined to take their business to those that show a genuine interest.

These types of ads not only generate results … they attract repeat customers, and open the door to future up-sells. Because the name of the game isn’t so much about quantity any more … it’s about quality. And quality customers will always beat a path to your door.