Address Your Customers With Copy That Is Designed To Appeal To Their Needs,

And Not To The Money In Their Wallets

 “Times they are a changing folks”. And so are the people. Along with several other factors, the ongoing wavering economy is heavily effecting the way consumers are buying their products or services. As prices on everything including the kitchen sink continue to rise, people are forced to become more conservative and vigilant of where and how they spend their money.

 Because of this, businesses are required to develop new and effective methods to constantly attract consumer attention to their brand in the hopes of consistently generating solid incoming leads and sales. Otherwise, they may suddenly find themselves as victims of a hostile and unforgiving economy.

 However, is it really people who are changing? Or is it that we live in a world that forces change upon us? Whatever the case, it seems that at one level or other, the human race is collectively evolving into a greater sense of awareness and understanding of things around it. This in turn, changes the way our current environment functions as a whole. And maybe even change the way business is conducted.

 Moreover, if this were also the case. What would a business have to do to change along with the world so as to remain afloat, and even prosper through these uncertain economic times? What means would a business have to apply to successfully generate profits when others are going bust?

In the heyday of his activity, John D. Rockefeller said that “the ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee.” “And I will pay more for that ability,” said John D., “than for any other under the sun.” 


To Make Sales, You Must First Make Friends 

 I once read a book by the late Dale Carnegie titled, “How To Win Friends And Influence People“. In it he wrote, that if anyone wants to have a lot of friends they must first “become a friend”. This statement is so true. It is also said that when you smile at the world, the world smiles back at you.

 You see, we are all energy-based beings that receive, and outwardly radiate, positive or negative energies which are projected onto, and absorbed by others around us. These energies go out and influence the objective world and ripple right back to us as karma. That’s why we either attract conflict, missed opportunities, and failures … or conversely attract friendships, opportunities, and success.

But how does this all apply to copywriting and lead-generation?

 Well, back in the early 1900s, the Carnegie Foundation(and probably someone else way before that) for the Advancement of Teaching uncovered a most important and significant fact. A fact later confirmed by additional studies made at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. These investigations revealed that even in such technical lines as engineering, about 15 percent of their success is due to their technical knowledge, and about 85 percent is due to skill in human engineering, to personality, and the ability to influence people. Although Carnegie was basing his findings on individuals with trades. These same results also apply to businesses and business owners.

 Of course these facts may not be breaking news to the business world. After all, we all know that people would much rather do business with energetically thoughtful friendly people, as opposed to grumpy, dull, and disrespectful ones. That’s just good business protocol.

An Effective Way Of Doing Business

 Therefore the true fact of the matter remains, that if any business or individual hopes to succeed and prosper in an ever-increasingly competitive environment, its overall image towards its consumer should be one of unselfish friendliness and respect.

 As I’ve previously mentioned … people are changing. They’re not going to be sold anymore. More and more people are able to smell a dirty marketing scheme from a mile away.

 That’s why so many businesses are failing. They exclusively focus on getting into people’s wallets while desperately trying to line their own, instead of first serving the customer’s needs and sincerely helping them resolve their issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

 People will have no problem paying the price for superior personal treatment. In fact they’ll choose that business’s product or service over all others. Even if they have to pay a little more to get it.

 If a business can consistently generate and deliver on the kind of image that stands as superior in the customer’s mind, not only will it be establishing itself with a sound reputation built on rock, it will continuously generate a repeat customer-based back-end that will generate sales for several generations to come.

Good Salesmanship On Paper

 Of course, there are many factors involved in developing a profitable business that can attract and secure a long-lasting customer base. And one of the major ones is good salesmanship.  

However, there are several types of salesmanship. The one in question here is copywriting.

 It is this copywriter’s estimation that 99% of all businesses use some type of written document to advertise or promote their products or services.

 From Business cards to Yellow Pages, to fliers, to White Papers, and catalogues. Without any kind of effective advertising or promotional campaign, a business will not likely be able to compete with the vast amount of competition that’s out there. Let alone succeed at establishing itself.

 Therefore, if a business is going to invest in producing any kind of lead-generation campaign, it is absolutely essential to produce the type of copy that – while clearly highlighting the features and benefits of its product and services – influences people at a deeper heart-felt level, beyond the physical requirements of a  product.

  By injecting magnanimity and altruism into advertising, business are more likely to develop an image of trust and reliability for themselves within the minds of it market.


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