An article can have many different purposes. It can be used to entertain, inform, educate, promote, advertise, or persuade. Whatever its aim may be, it needs to have a formulated structure, with a very definite purpose in mind for achieving desired results.

 For this reason, before you sit down to craft your award-winning composition, it’s absolutely essential to determine – in full-scale – the dynamics involved in carefully sculpting-out your article’s ultimate aim. Once you’ve fully researched and concluded all the issues listed below, you will have worked-out very fundamentalyet powerful keys that can ultimately buy you significant consideration in your prospect’s “Mental-Air-Time”. “Mental-Air-Time” is that brief margin of thoughtfulness given to your article when someone reads it. So having a good formula for achieving and sustaining quality mental-air-time is quintessential for persuading your prospect into your way of thinking. By working-out and applying the 7 crucial issues to consider before writing your lead-generation article listed below, you will have already dug through the many layers that’s standing between your prospects, and your article’s ultimate aim. And that aim is to generate good concrete leads.


So here they are. “The 7 Crucial Issues To Consider Before Writing Your Lead-Generation Article” …


  1. what is your article intended to achieve? Most articles – although they simply inform or educate in one form or other – are written for lead-generation. When you have specifically pinpointed its ultimate intention, keep it in the forefront of your thinking when writing your article, and your mind will formulate the appropriate words necessary for structuring your letter.

  2. who is your article targeting?”Know Thy Prospect” You have to know “who” it is your writing to. If your intent is for lead-generation, you’ll essentially have to persuade your prospect over to your way of thinking. The way you do that, is with influence. By approaching your audience with language that is agreeable and familiar to their nature, you present yourself as a trustworthy source. You therefore increasing your chances of getting your article acknowledged and read. And the most effective way to do that, is to “Know Thy Prospect”

  3. What are your targeted audience’s core concerns and issues? By showing your prospect genuine respect and concern for their wellness. You have a greater chance of winning-over their attention and trust. That combination, is key to allowing your words to win-over their mental air time long enough to tell them your side of the story. And why your solution is by far the best one for solving their dilemma. (notice I said “win-over” … as opposed to the highly unpopular “take-over” methods)

  4. Have others already benefited from what you have? Although this is my article, I’m not going to polish my own brass … but generally … this is where you get to brag about your successes. Testimonials or real case scenarios have a very persuasive effect on people’s decision-making.

  5. Why should they trust you? Again this goes back to your level of confidence. If you feel you can trust yourself, your product, and that what you have, can seriously bring benefits to their lifestyle … this will reflect in your content when you formulate your words for your winning article.

  6. Are you, or what you have to offer, as good as you say they are? It may seem like I’m being a little redundant … but this part is by far, the one most very important thing to remember. Whatever it is you set out to achieve … whether it’s becoming the next top copywriter, becoming a pro goaltender in the NHL, a signer for the next hot Rock band, or whatever. If you don’t believe in yourself and what you have to offer … then no one else will.

  7. And finally … why should they choose you over the competition? This is where you seriously need to be convincing and appealing enough to sway your prospect towards your camp. So let’s see here: First you got your prospect’s attention by learning who they are and what their concerns were. You were able to appeal to their personal or professional sense of need. They where interested enough to at least give you their brief attention, and listen to what you had to say. Then you managed to appeal to their emotional side by offering a solution to their problems or concerns, so they decided to give you a little more time. You countered with an appeal to their logic, by introducing all the features that makes a lot of sense. This raised their attention and approval level, but it still didn’t tip the scale onto your side of thinking. But hurry-up though … you don’t want to lose them. You need to keep drawing them in closer to the tipping point. After all, you’ve mentioned – through testimonials – how many others just like them are experiencing all the benefits from what you have. That should be enough right? Wrong! You have one last step to carry them through. You see, there’s a trigger mechanism in the subconscious section of the mind. It acts independently. And once it gets activated, a decision is made, and then the message gets transferred to the conscious section of the mind were the prospect fallows the order set forth by the little voice. When the heart(benefits),and mind(features)have both been convinced, the two become one, and therefore you win-over their trust, and potential long time customer.


 There is an 8th crucial issue. And that one ultimately tips the scale towards your way of thinking. Because I don’t have enough time in this article to go into the details – I’ll feature it exclusively in my next post.

 But for now, these are the basic ingredients for formulating a solid foundation for your article. By heavily scrutinizing, identifying, and applying these core issues, your content will have a much greater impact on your audience and consequently generate a much higher response rate. Study them, and apply them. The more you practice incorporating these 7 crucial issues into your writing, your skill at writing effective article will steadily improve. Your ability to feel your prospect as you craft your letter will become second nature. And your article will achieve its ultimate aim. “To generate leads”.