Putting My Extensive Manufacturing Experience To Copy


Hiring a freelance copywriter that will come through for you could sometimes be a bit of a crap-shoot. It’s sufficient to say that we take-on enough risk in life as it is. So why should you have to have the added pressures in your professional life when it comes to finding a copywriter who will always be there for you and consistently deliver the goods? Someone who understands both your personal and professional needs as a Marketing head, who is a team player, and always has your highest interests at heart. One who’s personal and professional goals are strictly focused on delivering quality copywriting that adhers to, and even exceed your expectations.

Here at Al Jones Freelance, I understand that success can only be achieved through teamwork and a strong collective effort between everyone involved. “For I of my own self, can do nothing”. The principles of success are clear on this subject. Without harmony in numbers, we cannot achieve anything. This is a universal law. Therefore, having said that … allow me to eliminate any risk to you in making your decision.

The advantages of hiring our services are many. You will certainly benefit by letting us write your copy for you. Because, when it comes to copywriting for the manufacturing industry, there is no substitute for someone who understands its dynamics, and its people inside and out. Someone who has lived and breathed the endless rumbling and clatter of high-tech manufacturing equipment in some of the mightiest production plants of Ontario.  

22 Years Of Insider Knowledge


For 22 years I have operated and maintained endless myriads of production lines which have packaged and shipped the finest products of which are now household names all over the world. I have been involved in working alongside countless managers, department-heads, and decision-makers who were responsible for keeping the wheels of production turning. Assuring that operations ran consistently and efficiently throughout the 22 years of technological changes and advancements. 

But now, after having done my time within the walls of the manufacturing industry, am putting my extensive experience to copy. I have dropped my work gloves and picked up the pen(or keyboard in this case). I have been focusing my experiences and efforts towards copywriting and creating effective solutions for the B2B market within the manufacturing industry.

As a Production Technician with companies such as Bacardi Rum of Canada, Labatt Breweries of Canada, Pepsi Bottling Group, and Fuji Photo Distribution, I have carefully studied and learned all aspects of the manufacturing industry’s equipment and operations. This includes all aspects of the receiving, packaging, and shipping departments.  

Allow me to offer my freelance copywriting services as a powerful team resource for creating compelling material, while offering possible solutions that can add to your overall marketng and lead-generation efforts. By having a deep understanding of your market’s problems and concerns, I can formulate compelling and persuasive material that is designed to effectively communicate pertinent information that is central to your targeted prospect’s important issues. 





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